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Titan Prospect management tab

1.59 usd

Compatible tablette !It is dedicated to sales professionals (vrp, independent business, entrepreneur, small business), it will allowto manage and organize your prospecting tours.And yes exploration is essential if we want to develop their business and sustain its business.With Titan you can now create your prospects, customers, arrange tours, prepare RDVComment sightseeing, see the actions performed on the prospects or customers ...
Functions:-100% Offline *-Create Prospects-Create Customers-Comment On the plug-History Visits or calls-Management Of alamres-Creating RDV-The Entry of the survey report or visit reportMulti-criteria search -Motor: for historical tours, by creation date, by city and region ...Email -SendingDirect customer -Call from Titan-Mapping And route prospect (optional extra)-Save The cloud NGPLUS * (useful in the case of hardware changes. Requires a maintenance contract fee per month without commitment!)-Import Prospects file from the portal (Excel format)-Import Contacts from the smartphone in TITAN-Share data with collaborators (technicians ...)
This software is developed with the help of field sales, they allowed us to make a very easy to use softwareand especially to have essential information for any business.All your comments and requests for improvement in this direction will be welcome.This CRM is developed in France 100%
If you are a company with several business, many managers and a structured computer system,you can consult us for information on our HUGOmobile software dedicated to SMEs and large SMEs.
* Function: phone, email and maps requires internet connectioncompatible smartphone and tablet
Also find Titan for iPhone and iPad from Apple Store.
In this price are included:1- the final user license and a month maintenance contract2 new updates and versions3- one month maintenance contract with a user support by email at: a Portal User months to manage your account and import your contacts into TITAN5 a month of backup your data on the cloud NGPLUS6 a month using Google Maps to map your contacts on Google Maps= >> Beyond a one month (after the date of purchase TITAN) you are free to subscribe to the maintenance contract or not, and no commitment is required.
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